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#1 me, watching an actor work.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#2 Matisse's "workroom" The Red Studio, where there are no hands on the clock & most everything is unreal but the art.

#3 A letter from Tennessee Williams a few weeks after he cast me in his Vieux Carre at the theater bearing his name in Key West. He died about one week before we started rehearsals.
photo: my iphone

#4 The cast of La Ronde, performed by my students in Antaeus' A2 company, directed by Young Ji.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#5 The artist's studio from my production of Cousin Bette by Jeffery Hatcher, set design by Tom Buderwitz.
photo: Michele K. Short

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THE WORKROOM = my space for          
all things acting + creative process + theater art  
I AM = an actor, director, author, teacher, artistic director  
THE GOAL = to live in our full potential as artists  

       I do not seek, I find.   PICASSO                            
 find: start / finish / exhilaration / collaboration / expanse      
why / mastery / oh, just play around.                  




Bad Material/Good Audition  10/19/12

The tall, lanky, actor walks into my studio, the dark cloud of his energy filling the room. He barely says hello.

He throws down his backpack & throws himself onto my couch. He pulls out his sides & with a grand gesture tosses them to the floor. He is practically spitting disgust & contempt. 

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Talent & Personality  10/12/12

     Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent. 
STEVE MARTIN / / The progress of an artist is a continual self-
sacrifice, a continual extinction of personality. 
T.S. ELLIOT / / Genius
is personality with two measures of talent. 

All of us know incredibly talented people who can't get arrested. & we know people with one or two notes in their range who work all the time. What accounts for this?

How does who we are -- our values, our background, our strengths & weakness, our ability to manage our relationships (or not), keep impulses in check (or not), exercise self-discipline & positive self-esteem (or not) -- impact on our talent & our capacity for great work? 

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15 Minutes a Day  10/1/12

I ask actors I coach who are between jobs to commit to acting for 15 minutes every day, six days a week, for six weeks. I'm convinced that this seemingly little thing can radically reshape your craft & your confidence.

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Mastery & Optimism  9/18/12

           More than anything, I associate mastery with optimism.
It's the feeling at the start of a project when 
I believe that
my whole career has been preparation for this moment, 
and I am saying, 
'Okay, let's begin. Now I am ready.' 


What makes for "mastery" -- & the manifestation of great work? There is nothing more interesting to me than this. What are the habits / tools / processes that spark it / drive it / nurture it? What is it when you see it & what is it when you feel it? 

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Survival of the Creative-est  9/7/12

When I began my Workroom project I knew I wanted to create something different / dynamic / reflective of the varity of things I do.

I also wanted to challenge myself to learn things I didn't know. (For sure, something here about the dire urge in middle-age to remain cutting edge.) 

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