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#1 me, watching an actor work.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#2 Matisse's "workroom" The Red Studio, where there are no hands on the clock & most everything is unreal but the art.

#3 A letter from Tennessee Williams a few weeks after he cast me in his Vieux Carre at the theater bearing his name in Key West. He died about one week before we started rehearsals.
photo: my iphone

#4 The cast of La Ronde, performed by my students in Antaeus' A2 company, directed by Young Ji.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#5 The artist's studio from my production of Cousin Bette by Jeffery Hatcher, set design by Tom Buderwitz.
photo: Michele K. Short

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THE WORKROOM = my space for          
all things acting + creative process + theater art  
I AM = an actor, director, author, teacher, artistic director  
THE GOAL = to live in our full potential as artists  

       I do not seek, I find.   PICASSO                            
 find: start / finish / exhilaration / collaboration / expanse      
why / mastery / oh, just play around.                  






Room for Everybody / 9.22.13

The Workroom is just about one year old! Since I launched, it seems like new resource sites for actors are cropping up everywhere. A dizzying array of teachers & coaches & casting director workshops, blogs, branding experts &  social media consultants -- dispensing good, sometimes great, & sometimes just plain bad advice at every turn. 

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the business of YOU /  7.5.13

For the last six months, actors in my group called "The Art of the Biz" met once a week to play around with creating & articulating their own uniquely personal art-business. Actors, I call this the business of YOU. We've experimented with biz names, titles, tags, quotes, vision/ mission statements & values & goals.

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Owning The Role / 5.20.1

      We leave our mark by taking -- as if
 were a baton -- from our predecissors
then making it wholly our own.

The ownership thing. Thinking about this a lot lately. How it works. Why it works. & when it works, how undeniable it is. How utterly irresistible. The word has positive & negative connotations. But for an actor owning the role = mastery / value / respect. The powerful feeling of ownership = the end of worrying & seeking & the onset of the relaxation & confidence of just being.

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It's Called 'Show-Art' / 4.16.13

  So you bring your true self to the work,
your unadulterated effort, without negative
self-talk & the sanding off of the
interesting edges. Instead of compromise, 
you bring us vision.

I lead a group called The Art of the Biz -- which sounds a bit too Hollywood-ish for my taste, but it's all about this: making the business part of what we do as creative / soulful / disciplined / professional / enjoyable / as the art part.

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Where To Start? / 3.3.13

A play for the first time in 3 years. The longest stretch I’ve gone without acting in a play since I was 15. upended / rusty / flummoxed / giddy / terrified. 

Where to start? My brain rebels against memorizing lines. I feel like I can’t find a clue in the text as to who I’m supposed to be. In the most congenial of rooms with a bunch of smart & talented people I feel like I don’t understand at all how to mutually collude to tell a story – that is, to tell the same story. 

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Be Famous

Hey you – struggling actor. Yes, you. Come with me for a moment. I want to take you on a little journey. 

Imagine for a moment that you have achieved your dreams. You did a terrific role in an important film, say, in the past year. Your work was noticed by the press & your peers. In fact, you were nominated for  -- no, you won! -- an Oscar or an Emmy or a Tony -- whatever turns you on most.

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Chaos, Order & All Things New / 1.3.13

The picture of my ideal life at about 18 = something like: 8am Swimming / 9am Strawberries & oatmeal / 10am French class / 11am Voice work / 12noon Massage / 1pm Stuffed artichokes & rare steak  / 2pm Acting class / 5pm Nap / 6pm Bathe / 7:30 Champagne / 8pm - well, you get the idea: learning, luxury, poetry & discipline. (really, does anything sound sexier?)

To that end, here's what's jazzing me for 2013.


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50 Shades of Auditioning / 12.12.12

I meet very few actors for whom auditioning is "vanilla" -- i.e. the same thing every time, no big deal, walk in, read, walk out, slam-bam-thank-you-m'am.

Nor should it be. It's loaded. It comes with all kinds of of hopes & expectations. It's a different animal than the rest of acting. It carries the promise of more than just a job. An audition for a good role can be the seed from which blooms a whole career. No sense pretending this isn't the case.

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RSS & The Meaning of Life 11.26.12

In myself, my relationships, the organizations I'm involved with, there's probably nothing I value more than growth. To me this means striving relentlessly to improve what I do & how I do it. I believe that the craft / the job / the very act of being an actor & tending to the stuff of acting offers an extraordinary way to grow as a human being.

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