the fine print


the fine print

Workroom Practice:
Scene study & Audition Technique with Jeanie

The readiness is all: this is the core, the gym, the ongoing discipline of craft, the quest toward mastery.
  • 16 to 18 actors per class.
  • Open to intermediate to advanced actors with training &/or experience, age 18 +, by audition only
  • 4 to 6 classes per month:
    • ALWAYS: 4 Tuesday nights per month 7 - 11pm
    • SOMETIMES: 1 Saturday morning per month 10:30 - 2 with guest master- teacher / 1 Thursday afternoon per month 3 - 6:30 make-up class as needed
  • $250 per month
    check / cash / pay online with VENMO or PAYPAL.
  • $235 per month if you pay 1 week prior to the first week of class.
    * + $15 service charge via pay pal
  • $175 for the first month. All new new students pay a lower price for the 1st month of class, 

What you get, what we commit to.

You work in at least 3 out of 4 OR  3 out of 6 classes per month, depending on bonus class sessions. There are ALWAYS 4 classes every month. Bonus classes are added based on availability of invited guests, class size etc. Some months you might get lucky & work in all six classes, if there's space, but you will always work in at least 3 classes per month. As well, you get:

  • Access to Jeanie's dropbox, with hundreds of plays / film &  TV scripts / sides in all genres.
  • 1st access to CONNECT / ADVANCE / NURTURE events.
  • Membership in our INSIDE THE WORKROOM facebook group, exclusively for current / frequent class members. Jeanie frequently helps group members' ability to score auditions, submit for roles, etc.                         
  • Access to Jeanie's OFFICE HOURS -- a half hour private with Jeanie usually scheduled on a Thursday or Friday afternoon each month.  *see more about office hours, below. 
  • $20 off private coaching sessions with Jeanie while in class.  
  • Opportunity to make up classes you miss, either in bonus classes, or in an OFFICE HOURS appt. with Jeanie. 
  • Class credit for another month if something significant gets in the way of your being in class in the first two weeks after you've paid                    

What you give, what you commit to.

  • Pay class fee on time, no later than the 1st Tuesday of the month
  • If you have a problem with paying for class on time, if you talk to the class assistant / Jeanie in advance we can probably work something out. "Advance" means several days prior to the start of class each month.
  • If you don't talk to us ahead of time, there's $15 fee for late payments.
  • Please let us know TWO WEEKS in advance if you won't be continuing in class the following month. We often have a wait list & if you aren't going to be there, someone else does!
  • Be on FACEBOOK. Our group INSIDE THE WORKROOM is where we communicate about everything. You must be on Facebook to be in this class.
  • Sign up for work via the FB group in a timely manner
  • Be accountable to your scene partners: be as professional here as on the set.
  • Be responsive to requests from class assistant
  • Come to class prepared & ready to work
  • Let us know if you're going to be late / absent / have to leave early

Become a Workroom Regular

I'm after 'art-intimacy' -- the better I know you,
the better we work together. Commit more, get more!"

$675 for 3 months, paid in advance (save $75) plus $20 service fee if you pay via pay-pal.

  • + Other Perks
    • Full access to office hours (you get one session with me per month, if you want it.)
    • One 1/2 price coaching session per 3 month period ($50 off)
    • $25 off all other private coaching sessions
    • + all other membership perks listed above         

Join By The Class

This option is only open to actors whose work I know well via coaching or work we've done together in the real world or in a class. Once I know your work really well, you can attend whenever you want, without making a long-term commitment. Join us for the full class on the session of your choice.

  • $75 per class.  + $5 service charge if you pay via pay pal
  • Alert class assistant by 3pm on the day to reserve work time.
  • You must check first if there is room for you to work in class!
  • Class Fee via Pay Pal / Venmo due 3 hours before, or no guarantee of work space.

Audit on an Ongoing Basis

Initial audit is free. Subsequent audits are $25 per class. You can pay when you arrive, or pay in advance on VENMO.

What happens if you miss classes?

There are no refunds for missed classes. If you pay for a month (or 3 months) & something extraordinary happens, like a big job or a personal emergency, you will receive class credit during the next two years. In truly extraordinary situations  let's say to Holland at the last minute for a great reason, we can discuss repayment -- but this is only in the most extreme of situations.

If you miss a class, you make it up in an “office hours” time slot with Jeanie — essentially a private 1/2 session (sometimes longer) to work on monologues or scenes / / /  If you can't attend Office Hours & miss class, alternatively, you can chose to receive $25 off a private coaching session, to be used within three months / / / Multiple discounts can not be used in one coaching session / / / If you are discontinuing class, we ask that you let us know 2 weeks before the start of the next month: essential as we usually have a wait list / / / The 3 month package is for 3 consecutive months ~ exceptions sometimes made if requested at least 2 weeks in advance / / /  Contact both the class assistant & post on the class facebook page if you will be missing class / / / No refunds except in truly extreme circumstances. There is always an opportunity to make-up a class you miss. 

How to Pay:


Pay via VENMO below, or bring a check to class / coaching. To pay through VENMO, click below.

(one week in advance)


(save $75)



Private Coaching

Pay via VENMO below, or bring a check to class / coaching. To pay through VENMO, click below.

(must be discussed in advance with Jeanie)