I have worked with Jeanie Hackett for the past 20 years — as a coach, a director & acting partner. She is profoundly insightful, specific & emotionally articulate. My work is always deepened by her talents.
Breaking Bad / Sideways / The Assembled Parties, B'way 

I am very much indebted to Jeanie for recognizing & fostering my talent. She always pushed me to the emotional truth of every moment, & it was her passion & understanding of that, that very much shaped the kind of actress I wanted to be.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close / American Rep. Theater / SCR

Working with Jeanie is thrilling! is challenging! Her unwavering love, devotion & passion for the craft & your growth within it, is invaluable. She has undoubtedly made a difference in my work!
Dallas / Savages / Arrested Development / Geffen / Matrix Theatre

In her teaching, Jeanie exhibits the qualities she tries to encourage in her students. She is highly present, emotionally alive, explosive, sensitive, & above all, open & available. When I work with her I am getting much more than an intelligent, technically masterful teacher. I am able to benefit from the experience of a graceful, nuanced actress & passionate person
Splanglish / 24 / Grey's Anatomy / Jerry McGuire / Becky Shaw: SCR

Jeanie is an amazing actress, director & teacher — it's rare that you get all of these qualities in one person. She is constantly bringing actors to the next level through thoughtful & intuitive adjustments & notes. I am inspired to be a better actor in every class.
Parks & Recreation / American Repertory Theatre / Theatre of Note

I attended the most amazing acting class last night. Jeanie Hackett, your knowledge & understanding of the craft of acting is like nothing I've ever seen! You are a miracle worker. I learned so much from you last night, & you do it with style & compassion & love! I can't wait to come back as a guest again!!
Casting Director: Cold Case / Ringer Make it or Break it / Chase

Jeanie Hackett has given me so very much as a coach & a teacher. Her extremely specific attention to detail & rich emotional understanding gave me the tools to go deeper as an actor. She does not create "cookie cutter" actors — she encourages the actor to really think & feel outside of what might be the "obvious choice" & not just lean into your muscle, but expand & grow.
South Coast Rep / The Colony / Kittens in a Cage

Jeanie is a true artist. Her love of acting & theatre is infectious. She helps me uncover my personal need to take on each new character's unique circumstances & make choices that stand out in audition rooms.
Rogue Machine / A Noise Within / Antaeus

I got more benefit from Jeanie Hackett in one class than a previous lifetime of studying! Jeanie taught me that how you do any one thing is how you do everything. She encouraged me to pursue specifity, bravery & boldness in my acting & my life. I am a greater artist & a better person for having her as a friend & teacher. I count the years I spent studying with Jeanie as the those in which I developed most. 
South Coast Rep / La Mirada / Shakespeare Center LA