explore & enjoy.

#1 Wyatt Fenner & other actors in Classical Styles.
photo: me 

#2 Wonderful actors I've taught and/or coached: Brooke Bloom, Chris Pine, Simon Helberg & Melanie Lora.
photos: Michele K. Short / Geoffrey Wade 

#3 Ryan Spahn, Kellie Mattison, Paula Christenson rehearsing for Chekhovia, a project I directed with Antaeus' A2 company.
photo: Jeff Mandell

#4 Me, directing Chekhovia.
photo: Jeff Mandell 

#5 Some terrific actors from the Classical Styles scene presentation. Left to right, top: Joe Fuhr, Jeanne Squia & Sarah Hollis. Bottom: Brett Colbeth & Kate Mahar, Abby Wilde & Etta Devine & Drew Doyle.
photos: Geoffrey Wade 

#6 Two extradinary actors I've had the privledge of teaching, coaching &/or directing: Angela Goethals & Ramon DeOcampo. Angela is also my goddaughter.
photo: Karianne Flaathen

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Inside The Workroom: Acting Class

        read ~ getting started: AUDIT A CLASS

The right acting class is about challenge & support: it's where we build the comfort of intimacy & along with the creative discomfort inherent to artistic & self-growth. It's where we connect with a community of people who share the same values & vocabulary. It's where we trust the artist-teacher enough to reveal all of who we are via the work; where we learn secrets about craft & about ourselves through others. It's where we uncover our authentic self, embrace our contradictions, whet our appetite for greatness.

Class in The Workroom = expanding your propensity for breakthroughs, power, mastery. I want class to be a window onto the vista of your full potential as an artist: a weekly experience infused with exactly the right people & atmospher & insights to grow your craft, confidence & authority. The Workroom = a creative space that provides the essential foundation for the career you dream of having & the artist you dream of becoming. 

&, of course, it's a gym, a place to stay stay seriously & playfully engaged in a committed relationship with yourself & your craft. The Workroom's innovative, ongoing structure builds the discipline, commitment & stamina that this relationship demands.

For intermediate/advanced actors: Workroom PRACTICE. A scene study & audition technique where you work on whatever you need to advance: classic & contemporary plays / upcoming auditions / scenes from film & tv / exercises, you name it.  You chose your own material, or come to us for suggestions, or I suggest what I think you need to work on next.

6 classes a month: 4 Tuesdays + 1 Saturday + 1 Thursday

 The first Sat. every month = technique class. w/ master teachers. The last Tues. every month = industry night. w/ guest casting directors / agents / theater directors. Workroom Career Building. -- because I want to make sure that what we're doing in class isn't isoloted from "the real world." (see below for a list of my guests so far.) 

What I love most: Art-intimacy: the special rewards that emerge when artists work together over time. The more I know your work, the better I "see" you / challenge you / speak to your needs. I want to us to share this space on an ongoing basis, so I've kept class fees incredibly reasonable. The more you commit, the more perks you get & the less you pay.

& there's more: Off The Page = the Workroom reading series. Guest Directors + New Plays + Sharing our Work with an audience. All workroom actors are eligible for casting.

Here it is: a kick-ass class / a chance to be seen by the industry & in performance / a place to find your "tribe." 



scene study / audition technique
Tuesdays, 7-11 + Thursday, 3-6:30 + Saturday, 10:30-2 
First Saturday of every month = Technique class with a Master Teacher
Last Thursday of every month = Bonus / Make Up Class
Last Tuesday of every month = Industry guest 

The readiness is all: this is the core, the gym, the ongoing discipline of craft, the quest toward mastery. 14 to 16 actors per class. Open to intermediate to advanced actors with training &/or experience, of all ages. Everyone works in all 4 classes per month: on audition sides / monologues / & scenes from plays, film, tv. You choose what you want to work on & or we'll help you pick the material you need to grow your talent. 

Class fees vary, see below. 

More about how I teach.


Industry Special Guests
Every month we have an invited industry guest join us for a class: casting director, agent, etc. Q&A + Kibitzing + Scene Work. Members of both classes invited to attend & work that is ready gets up. recent industry guests = CD's Billy DaMota (film) / Dan Shaner (film, tv) / Joanna Colbert (film) / Marci Liroff (film, tv) Anna Lyse Erikson (LA Theatre Works), Mark Simon (CTG) / Phyllis Schuringa (Geffen Playhouse) / Michael Donovan (theatre, film) / David Melville (Independant Shakespeare) / Cathy Reinking (film, tv) / Beth Holmes (commercial, film,tv) / Mitchell Gossett (CESD) / Steve Walker (Connor Ankrum) / Steven Dry (Connor Ankrum) / & More 

The Pure Joy of Craft
Master Teachers monthly
To counter the Industry forcefield, we invite guests who inspire us to let loose in pure play, voice & technique work. Clowning / Alexander Technique / Method work / Voice & Breath. recent = Method work with me / David Bridel ~ The Clown School / Rowena Balos ~ Master Voice Teacher / Marjo-Riikka Makela ~ Chekhov Studio International / & More

Finding Our Tribe 
Various dates & times occasionally
Field trips to theater, film screenings, etc. (highly discounted or free tickets) Poetry salons at my house. Or yours. Readings of something we work on in class for an invited audience. You name it, it's possible.

Office Hours ~ Privates with Jeanie
If you miss a class — for a job, audition, etc. — you get a chance to sign up for a 1/2 hour private session. Work / talk / strategize = I'm all yours. Other Coaching Discounts also available. 


J O I N  B Y  T H E  M O N T H 
$235* per month
bring a check / pay with cash / pay online


  • Pay class fee on time, no later than the 1st Tuesday of the month
  • If you have a problem with class payment on time, talk to us in advance, we can probably work something out. 
  • If you don't talk to us ahead of time, there's $15 fee for late payments.
  • Let us know TWO WEEKS in advance if you won't be continuing in class the following month
          **really imporant as I usually have a wait list every month
  • Join the class FB group INSIDE THE WORKROOM where we communicate about everything.
  • Sign up for work via the FB group in a timely manner
  • Be accountable to your scene partners: do what you say you're going to do!
  • Be responsive to requests from class assistant
  • Come to class prepared & ready to work
  • Let us know if you're going to be late / absent / have to leave early (but that never happens :)


  • You work in at least 3 out of 4 Tuesday classes per month (& frequently in the bonus classes)
  • $20 off all private coaching sessions while in class  
  • $25 private coaching credit if you are unable to make up a class in Office Hours 
  • Class credit if something significant happens that keeps you from being in class.

* CLASS DUES IS $235 WHEN YOU PAY ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE / $250 if you pay at the first class of the month or later.

B E C O M E  A  W O R K R O O M  R E G U L A R
$660 for 3 months = (save $90) + Other Perks*
Pay for three months in advance, at least one week before the 1st month commences
bring a check / pay with cash.


  • see all above &
  • Let us know in advance, prior to 1st class of 1st month, that you're taking the package
  • Write one post about your journey in class for INSIDE THE WORKROOM. Check it out here.  
    (**okay, this is optional!)             


  • You work in at least 3 out of 4 Tuesday classes a month + bonus classes
  • CONNECT / ADVANCE / NURTURE events & full access to OFFICE HOURS
  • One 1/2 price private coaching session per 3 month period. ($50 off)
  • $25 coaching credit if you choose to make-up a missed class with a private session
  • $25 off all other private coaching sessions
  • Class credit if something significant in work or life makes it impossible for you to use all classes

J O I N  B Y  T H E  C L A S S  ~  $70
* + $5 service charge if you pay online via pay pal
Once you've been in class for three months, or if I already know your work,  you can attend whenever you want, without making a long-term commitment.

  • Alert class assistant by 3pm on the day to reserve work time.
  • You must check first if there is room for you to work in class!
  • Class Fee via Pay Pal due 3 hours before, or let us know & give a check when you arrive.

H O W  T O  P A Y

Pay via Pay Pal below, or bring a check to class / coaching.
private coaching ~ $125 (+$5 PP fee)
private coaching 1/2 hour ~ $70 (+$5 PP fee)
first month ~ $150 (+$5 PP fee)
by the class ~ $70 (+$5 PP fee)
by the month ~ $250 (+$15 PP fee)
workroom member ~ 3 months ~ $660 (+$20 PP fee)

Class Fee Options


T H E  F I N E  P R I N T 

If you miss a class, you make it up in an “office hours” time slot with Jeanie — essentially a private 1/2 session (sometimes longer) to work on monologues or scenes / / /  If you can't attend Office Hours & miss class, alternatively, you can chose to receive $25 off a private coaching session, to be used within three months / / / Multiple discounts can not be used in one coaching session / / / If you are discontinuing class, we ask that you let us know 2 weeks before the start of the next month: essential as we usually have a wait list / / / The 3 month package is for 3 consecutive months ~ exceptions sometimes made if requested at least 2 weeks in advance / / /  Contact both the class assistant & post on the class facebook page if you will be missing class / / / No refunds except in truly extreme circumstances. There is always an opportunity to make-up a class you miss.