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#1 Wyatt Fenner & other actors in Classical Styles.
photo: me 

#2 Wonderful actors I've taught and/or coached: Brooke Bloom, Chris Pine, Simon Helberg & Melanie Lora.
photos: Michele K. Short / Geoffrey Wade 

#3 Ryan Spahn, Kellie Mattison, Paula Christenson rehearsing for Chekhovia, a project I directed with Antaeus' A2 company.
photo: Jeff Mandell

#4 Me, directing Chekhovia.
photo: Jeff Mandell 

#5 Some terrific actors from the Classical Styles scene presentation. Left to right, top: Joe Fuhr, Jeanne Squia & Sarah Hollis. Bottom: Brett Colbeth & Kate Mahar, Abby Wilde & Etta Devine & Drew Doyle.
photos: Geoffrey Wade 

#6 Two extradinary actors I've had the privledge of teaching, coaching &/or directing: Angela Goethals & Ramon DeOcampo. Angela is also my goddaughter.
photo: Karianne Flaathen


      jeanie hackett knows as much about acting as just   
about anybody I 
know. She is herself an actress, a fine one.  
She has run a theatre 
company that involved the care  
& feeding of actors on the most 
complicated level.  
she knows, in other words, 
what an actor goes through. 
She teaches acting, brilliantly. And she has written  
books in the form of interviews, that are the most perceptive  
books about that acting process 
that I know anything about.  
Be in touch with her.  




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risk more + fail better = great acting.
My ongoing workshop is back, with an innovative new structure.
Tuesday nights, 7 - 11 ~ ongoing

Field trips to plays & screenings / Career Focus groups to enhance
the entrpre-artist in all of us / CD workshops in & out of
class / Nurturing craft via special guests in special disciplines.
Various times & dates ~ ongoing

 Next up: 50 Shades of Auditioning ~ July 18 / 1 - 4 
SAG Summer Conservatory Weekend @ AFI ~ ongoing

 Chekhov at EMERSON
a seminar for the drama dept. at Emerson College in Boston
 March 2014 ~ one-off 

a week-long intensive focus on Chekhov's plays with
WTF apprentices ~ summers

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Inside The Workroom: Acting Class


Class isn't just class, it's a community of people who share the same values. It's where we learn secrets about the work — & about ourselves — through others. It's where we tell our secrets, reveal our essential self, embrace our contradictions. Acting class = a propensity for finding breakthroughs, power, mastery. It's a expansive space with a window that looks out on the vista of our full potential as artists.

Heather Corwin & Wyatt Fenner. Photo: Geoffrey Wade

& it's the gym, the place to stay stay seriously & playfully engaged in the intimate relationship between yourself & the work. The Workroom =  an innovative class structure to strengthen the discipline, commitment & energy this relationship requires. Essentially it’s this: the more you commit, the more you get & the less you pay. Membership has its privileges! 

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Private Coaching in The Workroom

    I recommend Jeanie to actors because of her strong theater
background & her own extensive experience 
in front of
the camera. She is able to give them the best of both worlds & 
strong, interesting choices 
based on good script analysis & 
the experience to know how to make those choices
work for the camera. 


Welcome to the Olympics of acting. The super-competitive arena of the art & industry in NYC & LA means that the readiness really is all. Out of the gate: work that is fearless, original, real, fueled by the white-hot energy of your intelligence, sexuality, humor, need, danger, warmth, confidence, agression, vulnerability & charisma. In other words, YOU manifesting every bit of your potential. Great work. That's what we're going for.

I coach actors for lead / series regular / guest & co-star roles for film / tv / theater. Sessions focus on audition prep & technique / work on the role once you've landed the job &/or ongoing work on monologues & acting technique. On-set, I work in concert with the director.

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Towards Mastery: How I Work

Why does one actor's emotional world move us & another's leave us cold? Who do some voices compell us to listen & others tune us out? Why is one actor's inner life mesmerizing in stillness & another's boring in histrionics? What makes for the difference between good & great? 

The courage to give yourself permission to use all of yourself + the skill to know what the text demands of you = an actor whose inner life is bold, authentic & arresting to watch. Not everyone will achieve great acting. But I believe all good

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I have worked with Jeanie Hackett for the past 20 years — as a coach, a director & as an acting partner. She is profoundly insightful, specific & emotionally articulate. My work is always deepened by her talents.
Breaking Bad / Sideways / The Assembled Parties, B'way  

I am very much indebted to Jeanie for recognizing & fostering my talent. She always pushed me to the emotional truth of every moment, & it was her passion & understanding of that, that very much shaped the kind of actress I wanted to be.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close / American Rep. Theater /  SCR

Working with Jeanie is thrilling! is challenging! Her unwavering love, devotion & passion for the craft & your growth within it, is invaluable. She has undoubtedly made a difference in my work!
Dallas / Savages / Arrested Development / Geffen / Matrix Theatre


In her teaching, Jeanie exhibits the qualities she tries to  encourage in her students. She is highly present,  emotionally alive, explosive, sensitive, & above all, open & available. When I work with her I am getting much more than an intelligent, technically masterful teacher. I am able to benefit from the experience of a graceful, nuanced actress & passionate person.

Splanglish, 24, Grey's Anatomy, Jerry McGuire, Becky Shaw: SCR


Jeanie is an amazing actress, director & teacher — it's rare that you get all of these qualities in one person. She is constantly bringing actors to the next level through thoughtful & intuitive adjustments & notes. I am inspired to be a better actor in every class.
Parks & Recreation/ American Repertory Theatre/ Theatre of Note

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The Art / Biz Diaries

Laura Jean Salerno's tag line "Sassy, Sarcastic & Slightly Sweet" describes her to a "T." I first met LJ when she joined my Classical Styles class at Antaeus. Right away we could all see she's found that great big "x" on the success map I call "holding onto your roots." LJ's embrace of who she is & where she comes from allows the entire wow-factor of her unique & essential self to show up big time in her work. She calls her business "Make Something Productions." (as in, DO IT!) Her title is "Classy Bitch in Charge." Read on.

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Sunday in the Park w/Shakespeare

READ: interview with jh 


Says Hackett, "If you look at who gets nominated for Oscars, it's often Australians & Brits who've had classical training. Actors with classical training have a set of skills that are not always used in tv & film, but ultimately are what separates the men from the boys. If you have the skills for Shakespeare you can do anything with language. If you have the skills for Chekhov, you can do anything with behavior. The bar is set higher, your talent is stretched to serve the demands of these mighty authors. & then when you settle back down to television & film -- it's easy. It's just a piece of cake."


I'm Not That Guy

READ: interview with JH

"If you deny the fact that you're bigoted or mean, if you're not in touch with the fact that you can be as mean as this character, then you can't play her," Hackett points out. Also, "If you don't think much of yourself, how are you going to play a really confident character? If you haven't nurtured the ball-buster side of yourself, how are you going to walk into an audition and ooze confidence? Or if you haven't claimed your own brand of sexuality, if you keep it under wraps, how are you going to play Blanche when she's alone with the delivery boy?


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