Private Coaching in The Workroom


"I recommend Jeanie to actors because of her strong theater background & her own extensive experience in front of the camera. She is able to give them the best of both worlds: strong, interesting choices based on good script analysis & the experience to know how to make those choices work for the camera."
MATTHEW LESHER, Insight Entertainment

Welcome to the Olympics of acting. The super-competitive arena of the art & industry in NYC & LA means that the readiness really is all. Out of the gate: acting that is fearless, original, real, fueled by the white-hot energy of your intelligence, sexuality, humor, need, danger, warmth, confidence, aggression, vulnerability & charisma. This is YOU manifesting every bit of your potential. Great work. That's what we're going for.

I coach actors for lead / series regular / guest & co-star roles for film / tv / theater. Sessions focus on audition prep & technique / work on the role once you've landed the job &/or ongoing work on monologues & acting technique. On-set, I work in concert with the director to ensure that our work enhances what he / she is going for. 

We set a goal for every audition -- which always has to do with something you want to achieve for yourself in the work. We look at how you're handling the audition experience as well as collaborating together to make strong, vibrant choices that reveal who you are & infuse your work with confidence. I always ask actors to check in with me after the audition to touch base & share how it went. 

I enjoy long relationships with clients, working with actors through all the many phases of artistic & career growth. Actors usually come to me directly through agents / managers, or through referral from other actors. I take on new clients as my schedule permits. Once I accept a new client I do everything in my power to be available when you need me. We coach at my studio at my home in North Hollywood.

My coaching fee is usually $125 per session; sometimes more: (if we work on-set rather than at my home studio); sometimes less: (discounts for Workroom members / if we work together more than once a week / & for those who purchase a block of sessions in advance). I also sometimes charge less, at my discretion, for theater auditions, non-paying work & work on an ongoing basis. Feel free to ask me how this works.

Each session is at least one hour. I also take 15 minutes on my own to prep your material prior to your arrival & I usually add an extra 10 or 15 minutes for us to chat / catch up, etc. (Small talk is necessary, but not counted as part of our coaching hour!) Sometimes our session goes even longer: when I feel an extra 10 minutes or so would give us a great boost; or even if we're just on a roll! There is no charge for any extra time beyond one hour, unless discussed in advance. So always plan to keep about an hour & 1/2 available when you schedule with me.

When you book a full session, you can always count on a full hour of coaching, even if just for a short scene. The time is yours to use: we can drill as much as you want, or even move on to something else. I charge $200 for a 2 hour session. Infrequently, it sometimes feels like the the work would significantly benefit from an extra half hour or even an hour. If that's the case, I will suggest this toward the end of our session, for you to decide. An extra hour that extends from our full hour session is $75. An extra half hour added onto a regular session is $50. A single half hour on it's own, is $70. 1/2 hour sessions are only available to actors I've previously worked with, when the material is brief. I can't rush and give you my best.

Based on my availability, I often do free 15 minute check-ins on the day of your audition -- especially when we work a couple of days in advance of your audition time. Please ask for more info about this "perk!". 

To arrange an initial free consultation: