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find something.
let's work. 

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long day's
journey into night

Jane Kaczmarek & Alfred Molina, Long Day's Journey at The Geffen

Now through April 2
Catch the Encore Presentation of Broadway HD's first LIVESTREAM from an American Regional Theatre! After April 2, it goes away for a couple of months, while B-HD makes a master edit ⎼ & then the new version will be available for years to come. If you couldn't get a ticket, or you're on the wrong coast or continent, click above to watch six cameras beautifully capture all the nuances of our recent production at THE GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE!

W I T H: 

Angela Goethals/Stephen Grush
Jane Kaczmarek/Alfred Molina & Colin Woodall


Interview, Broadway World

January 30 - March 18, 2017

inside the workroom:
acting class

Acting class = a talent workout,
a place to stay seriously & playfully engaged
in a committed relationship with your craft.
Permission to use all of yourself
+ the skill to know what the text demands
≈ an actor whose inner life is bold
/ authentic / arresting to watch.
 Breakthroughs ⤕ Power ⤕ Mastery.
Nothing less.
email for more info / to audit class

about the workroom

"Make voyages! Attempt them! There's nothing else..."
from his play Camino Real

Welcome to The Workroom!
 I've always longed to make the ideal creative space . . . where I could go to work on a role, a play, think, write, dream . . .
walls to scribble on, paste, paint, collage. Costume pieces. Persian rugs on polished cement à la Peter Brook. Good paper, sharp pencils. Dylan & Chopin. A high, high ceiling (— a pair of large, feathered wings!)
A trampoline.
A view of the sea.

My virtual Workroom is the blueprint.
It's for the purist in all of us — the space where we live in our full potential as artists. Here, I have permission to do everything: act, direct, write & create / curate the high-altitude stuff. Mastery & paths to take to it. Vision & values & how we stay connected to them. The 50,000 foot view to making a difference in the world. I come down to earth occasionally for things like audition skills / career focus / craft tools — but always in service of our deepest, most primal aspirations.

I curate ideas & community in a variety of ways.
Stories, pictures, poems & videos to cultivate the muse.
 Classes & coaching for actors & a new Actor Resources Page. Gatherings with our trib:real ones + including dedicated social media sites.I want to learn, listen & awaken new possibilities in me, in you. I want to challenge us to relentlessly & joyously strive to improve what we do & how we do it.

Lot of hats ≈ diverse perspectives. My strength ≈
making connections:between a play & an audience, a text & a vision, between who you are in the work & who you can become. My goal ≈ to create insightful, relevant content that emboldens you to claim all your
promise as an artist.

ANCORA IMPARO, my HOME page, is where my "inspiration stream" lives (aka my weblog). "Ancora Imparo" is Italian for "still I am learning" — a quote / motto of sorts attributed to Michelangelo. A reminder that mistakes are a learning curve, that every 1st, 2nd, 3rd . . . time provides opportunity for improvement, that you are always ancora imparo.

I post when I have something to say — sometimes frequently, sometimes not. Subscribe, receive, our mailer -- about once monthly -- about events, ideas, etc. Read the weBlog, make a comment, start a conversation, respond. For me, the artist's response is the touchstone. Sharing that response = collaboration & community.

I want to take risks here. Upset the status quo.
Challenge myself to stay on the tough & the true.
No topic's off-limits. I intend to write about all of it: what I know from working with hundreds of artists in all kinds of ways & what I know purely from my gut. Frequently I'll go to the deep well of my own failure / success / journey.
Every stone turned.

This is my voyage.

xoxo Jeanie

Most of the photos on this site were taken by Michele K. Short / Geoffrey Wade / me & my Workroom actors

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entrepre-artist journal


This ain't your Grandma's acting career, baby, & you better stop acting like it is. I keep running into actor blank walls everywhere, from resumes to social media to networking to problems with loyalty & trust. I could write a full post about every one of these... & maybe I will, sometime. But let's start off with a short synopsis of the worst offenders.

#1 Stop Bitching About How You Feel About The Business.


the mystical power
of saying YES

"Om means 'Yes'. Always, wherever we cast our glance to search, in one word the answer is 'yes'. Yes, what you are searching for, is. You are searching for happiness, pleasure, joy, fulfillment. You are in want, & in one word ­­'yes', 
fulfillment is there.

What does it mean, as an actor, to say YES to everything? I'm not really talking about saying yes when a director gives you a note, (but that too.) I'm talking about saying yes to whatever is in the present moment. Not just to lower your blood pressure, but as a tool, a technique for doing your best work. 


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process = power

Ocean race
"Process the error, learn from it, correct it. You might not yet be ready for every challenge. Let that be okay. Let 'not yet" be okay."

What if this year we stop beating ourselves up (or even praising ourselves!) for the results that come, or don't come, of our efforts? Instead, what if we focused on defining achievement as our willingness to embrace challenge, to grow, to improve? What if the words "success" & "failure" could take on a whole new meaning in our actor-lives?


the art of seeing

Mastery is in the reaching, not the arriving. It's in constantly wanting to close that gap between where you are & where you want to be. Mastery is about sacrificing for your craft & not for the sake of crafting your career.

The pursuit of mastery is the event of an artist's lifetime. Teaching is an integral part of my own personal drive toward mastery: through engagement with the process of other actors I come to better understand my own. This is the privilege & the gift of the work I get to do. Its value to me is inestimable.



#1 Moi  🍁  #2 Matisse's THE RED STUDIO, where everything is transparent / unreal expect the art (not even hands on the clock 🍁  #3 LA RONDE, directed by Young Ji, for The Antaeus Academy  🍁   #4. A letter from Tennessee Williams to my late husband, Nikos Psacharopoulos  🍁   #5 A set photo from my production of COUSIN BETTE  🍁  #6 In class with Workroom actors  🍁   #7 Around the table, at Antaeus  🍁   #8 Workroom actor Jenny Soo  🍁   #9 FLY  🍁 #10 Rehearsal   🍁   #11 PHEADRA @ The Getty Villa  🍁  #12 the ghost light  🍁   #13 Backstage @ Antaeus  🍁   #14 Theatre du Soliel dressing table  🍁   #15 Scene work  🍁   #16 ART  🍁   #17 Moi  🍁  #18 POSSIBILITY  🍁   #19 CHEKHOVIA

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