This ain't your Grandma's acting career, baby, & you better stop acting like it is. I keep running into actor blank walls everywhere, from resumes to social media to networking to problems with loyalty & trust. I could write a full post about each of these. But let's start with the worst offenders.

#1 Stop Bitching About How You Feel About "The Business"

I hear the same — often self-congratulatory! — stuff from actors over & over: "I'm just not good at the business stuff. The 'selling' part. I loathe it. " As if being an artist & being a working actor are somehow, separate entities. As if you are smeared with shite when tending to your career rather than Preparing The Role. As if -- if only you had someone to handle all the dirty parts for you, all would be well.

The epitome of the artist-leader.
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Thesps: GET A GRIP. That's a cop-out. Your art & your career as an artist are ALL ONE THING & they are inseparable. It's a new world-order for creatives, & there's no longer a stigma around doing it yourself.  In fact, the more in touch you are with your path as an artist, the more the process of finding an agent, using social media, forging new relationships, auditioning, etc. become imbued with the same unique creative charge you bring to the work. The passive actor is a thing of the past; the leader-actor takes responsibility for driving her career via starting a theater company, writing a web-series, forming a networking group, doing stand-up, etc. 

In a recent N.Y. Times article, the amazing, multi-pronged artist, Pharrell Williams spoke about the many obligations that go hand-in-hand with the increasing opportunities coming his way. Williams said, as he sees it, the duties of producing & promoting movies do not have to feel like burdens at all; he compared them to a favorite hobby, like collecting comic books.*

“Could you imagine not filing them away properly?” he asked. “Could you imagine not keeping them in a sleeve? Could you imagine skipping a step there?” He added, “There’s no such thing as skipping a step with something you love.”

You know what you love to do. Now, give yourself a kick in the pants & stop bitching about your place in the biz & make your place in the biz: create it, act it, & then share it with the world. Don't worry, you don't have to SELL it: "selling" is a thing of the past. But more on that another time. For now, why not decide, like Pharrell, to love ALL of it.