Inside The Workroom: Acting Class

The right acting class is about challenge & support: it's where we build the comfort of intimacy & along with the creative discomfort inherent to artistic & self-growth. It's where we connect with a community of people who share the same values & vocabulary. It's where we trust the artist-teacher enough to reveal all of who we are via the work; where we learn secrets about craft & about ourselves through others. It's where we uncover our authentic self, embrace our contradictions, whet our appetite for greatness.

Class in The Workroom = expanding your propensity for breakthroughs, power, mastery. I want class to be a window onto the vista of your full potential as an artist: a weekly experience infused with exactly the right people & atmosphere & insights to grow your craft, confidence & authority. I want the The Workroom the essential foundation for the career you dream of having & the artist you dream of becoming. 

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Getting Started: Audit a Class

Auditors are welcome at almost any class. We often have special guests -- some of those nights are not available to auditors. Please plan to come to class when you know you can arrive on time & stay for the entire class. Your initial audit is free. Additional audits are $25.

Here's what you do:

  • My class assistant & I will respond. 
  • My assistant will send you upcoming dates available for audits. Again, pick a night when you can plan to be on time & stay for entire class. Class assistant will send you directions to our space & all other info.
  • If your plans change, if possible give us 24 hours notice if you can't make class. We only allow a certain number of auditors per night, so if you can't be there, we'll give the space to someone else.
  • Auditors introduce themselves at the beginning of class & participate in any group exercises. I don't allow auditors to make comments on the scene work when I open that option up to the group.
  • Next, based on both of our perceptions & eagerness to move forward, we'll set up a one-on-one meeting at my home studio. I want to find out what you're looking for in a class, to interact with you on a monologue or scene, to start to get a sense if we're a good fit. *If we've worked together before, then no audition, just a chat.
  • Your first month in The Workroom is a trial period for us both. The low 1st month fee of $125 gives you time to get up to speed with scene work & reflects my desire for us both to gain feedback as to how we're working together, how you fit into the group, etc. Committment in THE WORKROOM is a process!

Look forward to hearing from you!