by Jeffery Hatcher

based on the novel by Honore de Balzac 

WORLD PREMIERE / The Antaeus Company

Critic's Choice LA Times, LA Weekly, Backstage / / / Garland Award BEST DIRECTION  / / / LA Drama Critic's Circle Award BEST ADAPTATION & BEST SEASON (Antaeus Company, 2010) / / / 7 Ovation Award Nominations including Production, Playwriting, Costumes, Lights, sets & Sound Design / / / 4 LA Weekly Award Nominations for individual actors & design. 

Jeanie Hackett's splendid productionfor The Antaeus Company (is)...their first stab at a full season. The intelligence of the play, the direction and the acting standards bode well." LA WEEKLY / / / Cousin Bette is a triumph for The Antaeus Company. BROADWAY WORLD / / / Director Jeanie Hackett fluidly steers the fluctuating morality, corruption and passion." LA TIMES / / / Director Jeanie Hackett briskly moves the action and the three hours have no lulls. VARIETY / / / Jeanie Hackett has chosen a unifying style blending comedy, tragedy, realism and the best kind of old-fashioned stage craft.BACKSTAGE

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