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#1 Alicia Wollerton & the cast of Cousin Bette.
photo: Michele K. Short

#2 directing the workshop of Camino Real, at Antaeus.
photo: Michele K. Short

#3 The cast of Chekhov x 4 at Antaeus, my first production as AD. Our cast mirrors the famous photograph of Chekhov reading The Seagull to Stanislavski's company. I directed the original workshop for CF '03 & created the artistic framework for the production, including this tableau which started the show. 
photo: tbd 

#4 Rehearsal for the Academy's workshop production of The Rover, with Jocelyn Towne, Kellie Mattison & ClassicsFest production stage manager Young Ji.
photo: Michele K. Short 

#5 Set designer extraordinare Tom Buderwitz at the first day of rehearsal of Cousin Bette. Actor & current Antaeus Artistic Director Bill Brochtrup is next to him.
photo: Michele K. Short 

#6 Two favorite actresses whom I've coached and/or directed in projects: Rebecca Mozo & Tessa Thompson.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#7 A group pic of the many Classical Styles scene presentations I directed at Antaeus. Me (sitting down front) with a particularly hilarious group of students.
photo: Geoffrey Wade 

Cousin Bette poster art by Mila Sterling. The Constant Wife: Kate Burton recording for LATW. photo:tbd
Faust: photo tbd


        jeanie's instincts as a director are incredible.   
She helps me get to the heart of what a character wants   
through smart script analysis, but more than that,   
she helps me be more myself.        
Her insights about a play, a character, in just a few words,   
open up all sorts of possibilities for me to run with.   
I'd work with her on anything.   






 Love, Noël

Coward's Letters & Songs,
devised by Barry Day
Wallis Annenberg Center
for The Performing Arts

with Harry Groener & Sharon Lawrence
musical director Gerald Sternbach
december, 6 - 17 ~ 2014


Frankie & Johnny 
in the Clair de Lune

by Terrence McNally
The Ebell of Los Angles
Jane Kaczmarek & Steven Weber
june, 2014

Love, Noël

Coward's Letters & Songs, devised by Barry Day
Wallis Annenberg Center
with John Glover & Judy Kuhn
musical director: David O
feb. 2014

Play The Queen
staged reading
by Rosalind Miles ~ produced by Paula Holt
Wallis Annenberg Center
with Kate Burton & Kathryn Grody 
january,  2014

Cousin Bette
by Jeffrey Hatcher
Williamstown Theater Festival
 Fridays @ 3 workshop of the award-winning
adaptation of Balzac's novel,

 Jessica Hecht 

august 2013 


by Diane Samuels
LA Theatre Works 
5 live performances, recorded for broadcast on NPR:
Hugo Armstrong ~ 
Shannon Clair ~ Jane Kaczmarek ~ 
Angela Paton ~ Molly Quinn &
Susan Sullivan /
june 2013


past projects include:

by Jeffery Hatcher
based on the novel by Honore de Balzac 
WORLD PREMIERE / The Antaeus Company

Critic's Choice LA Times, LA Weekly, Backstage / / / Garland Award BEST DIRECTION  / / / LA Drama Critic's Circle Award BEST ADAPTATION & BEST SEASON (Antaeus Company, 2010) / / / 7 Ovation Award Nominations including Production, Playwriting, Costumes, Lights, sets & Sound Design / / / 4 LA Weekly Award Nominations for individual actors & design.

    Jeanie Hackett's splendid production for The Antaeus Company (is)...their first stab at a full season. The intelligence of the play, the direction and the acting standards bode well." LA WEEKLY / / / Cousin Bette is a triumph for The Antaeus Company. BROADWAY WORLD / / / Director Jeanie Hackett fluidly steers the fluctuating morality, corruption and passion." LA TIMES / / / Director Jeanie Hackett briskly moves the action and the three hours have no lulls. VARIETY / / / Jeanie Hackett has chosen a unifying style blending comedy, tragedy, realism and the best kind of old-fashioned stage craft. BACKSTAGE

 READ: JH Directs the Vast Canvas of Cousin Bette LA STAGE TIMES


by W. Somerset Maugham
L.A. Theater Works

Performed live on stage for broadcast on LATW's nationally syndicated radio theater program "The Play's The Thing."

with Kate Burton, Stephen Collins
& John De Lancie



by Goethe
in a modern adaptation by Robert Auletta

a workshop production for 
The Classical Theater Lab 
@ The Stella Adler Theater  

with David Purdham & Jessica Hecht 



directing bio

Most recently Jeanie directed Love, Noël, a pastiche of songs and letters devised by Barry Day, at the new Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, with John Glover & Judy Kuhn. Also for The Annenberg, a reading of Play the Queen by Rosalind Miles, with Kate Burton & Kathryn Grody. Last summer for the Williamstown Theater Festival she directed a workshop of Jeffery Hatcher's Cousin Bette with Jessica Hecht, John Rubenstein & Emily Bergl. Recently for LA Theatre Works: Kindertransport by Diane Samuels, with Jane Kaczmarek, Susan Sullivan and Molly Quinn. She's currently preparing to direct a production of The Cherry Orchard starring Jane Kaczmarek at a theater in Los Angeles TBA.

As Artistic Director of The Antaeus Company from 2003 - 2011, Jeanie directed scores of readings & workshops & the multiple-award winning world premiere of Jeffery Hatcher's Cousin Bette (Backstage-Garland Award for Best Direction). She also provided artistic oversight for all the company's mainstage productions, including two blends of one-acts: Chekhov x 4 & Noel Coward's Tonight at 8:30. Each of the several one-acts comprising these productions had its own director with Jeanie creating the overall artistic concept for each multiple-award winning production. For the Antaeus Academy she has directed scores of Classical Styles student scene night presentations, as well as a variety of Academy workshop productions. At the Classical Theater Lab she did much the same: directing readings & workshop productions with a wonderful ensemble company. Also for LA Theater Works she directed Kate Burton in The Constant Wife. For the Odyssey Theater Jeanie served as Ron Sossi's Associate Director for John Barton/Kenneth Cavander's The Greeks (also playing the role of Clytemnestra). At the Williamstown Theater Festival she was part of a team responsible for creating a collage of Tennessee Williams work called Tennessee Williams, A Celebration for which she also was Nikos Pascharopoulos' assistant director. She recently served as Advisor to the Director on the film Brush With Danger, for which she directed all the actors, including the film's triple threat (acting / directing / martial arts) upcoming Indonesian star, Livia Notoharjano.


Acting Chekhov: Behavior


My first podcast! Thanks to Jeff Mandell, friend & videographer, I've got scores of rehearsal & performance hours from a project I created & directed with The Antaeus Academy in 2007, called Chekhovia. It's a compliation of two-person & group scenes from The Seagull, The Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya The Cherry Orchard. This one is about 3 minutes long.

I remember when Jeff handed over this footage to me as a stack of DVD's, I had no idea what I'd ever do with this enormous library. Jeff had a plan to make a movie, but things got busy in his life. & so all these hours & hours of videotape, from class to rehearsal to performance, fusted unused, so to speak. 

& then came all this new technology. I'm still expermenting with presentation -- my goal is to create a collection of "acting Chekhov" moments -- i.e., snips of me talking to actors about a scene, or a moment in a scene along with the actors' growth from rehearsal to performance. My debut podcast features moi, at the start of a rehearsal, trying to impress on my gang what we're going toward in terms of behavior. & how to find that behavior organically, through a textual understanding the character's thought pattern.

Stay tuned for, oh, say 100 (!!!) more of these brief clips about characters, scenes, script analysis in Chekhov. My work on Chekhov as always derives from master-director Nikos Psacharopoulos and his life-work on Chekhov at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, which is chronicled in my book, The Actor's Chekhov. Because I, too, have spent a great deal of my professional life engaged as an actor, director & teacher with Chekhov, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jeff Mandell. As we go I promise you'll be floored by the process of our work, the talent of the amazing actors involved & the journey of this project. Enjoy.