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This is the WR 2.0 site made on a platform called Squarespace.

My idea for the site has always been a scrapbook, a way to curate all the stuff I love, & know & want to learn about & want to share. My design inspiration is Pierre Bonnard's Sunset over the Mediterranean, left. I think actors, are by craft & nature curator-artists ... & now the social-media / tech world has caught up with us. I encourage you, too, to let the artist in you speak all areas of your life!

my fonts are architect's daughter 

& sometimes 

& courier-new.

A terrific young actress + budding web-designer, Kat Solko, helped me create & execute the WR2.0

If you're an actor-entrepre-artist wanting a web-site, get an artist to help you. Kat's recently built her Squarespace skills & is a natural at this. Check out her website @ & / or email her at