I enjoy long relationships with clients, working with actors during & through the many phases of artistic & career growth. Actors usually come to me directly via agents / managers, or through referral from other actors. I take on new clients as my schedule permits. When I accept a new client, I do everything in my power to be available as needed. We coach at my studio at my home in North Hollywood.

My coaching fee is usually $125 per session; sometimes more: (if we work on-set rather than at my home studio); sometimes less: (discounts for Workroom members / if we work together more than once a week / & for those who purchase a block of sessions in advance). I also sometimes charge less, at my discretion, for theater auditions, non-paying work & work on an ongoing basis. Feel free to ask me how this works.

Each session is at least one hour. I also take 15 minutes on my own to prep your material prior to your arrival & I usually add an extra 10 or 15 minutes for us to chat / catch up, etc. (This doesn’t count as part of our coaching hour.) Sometimes a session goes even longer: when I feel an extra 10 minutes or so would give us a great boost; or even if we're just on a roll! There is no charge for any extra time beyond one hour, unless discussed in advance. So it’s a good idea to keep about an hour & 1/2 available when you schedule with me.

When you book a full session, you can always count on a full hour of coaching, even if just for a short scene. The time is yours to use as you want. If we need it, there’s the option of a 2 hour session ($200). Every now and then, it feels like the the work would significantly benefit from an extra half hour or even an hour. If that's the case, I will suggest this toward the end of our session for you to decide. An extra hour that extends from our full hour session is $75. An extra half hour added onto a regular session is $50. A single half hour on it's own, is always $75. 1/2 hour sessions are only available to actors I've previously worked with, and when the material is brief. I can't rush and give you my best.

Based on my availability, I often do free 15 minute check-ins on the day of your audition -- especially when we work a couple of days in advance of your audition time. Please ask for more info about these. 

To arrange an initial free consultation: