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2019 fall session =
Sept 10 thru Nov. 26

for experienced actors

Actor's choice = scene work from plays, film & tv. Monologues. Audition Prep Shakespeare Chekhov. The hottest new tv/ film scripts.
It's all about what you need to do next on your journey as an artist.
who = 12-14 actors
when = Tuesday nights, 6:30 - 10:30, ongoing.
what = 5 classes a month
bonus class = 1 Thurs. afternoon each month
+ occasional invited master teachers & industry guests.
you work in at least 3/5 classes, often more.
for actors both wildly talented
& just-starting-out
Building craft via exercises / text work + scenes & monologues. With a special focus on tools for launching your career.
who = 8 - 10 actors
when = Weds. 3 - 6, ongoing
what = 5 classes a month
bonus class = 1 Thurs. afternoon each month
+ access to W.PRACTICE invited guests.
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Workroom actors get access to a dropbox full of plays, scripts, sides, etc. 1000’s of choices. & it's all the latest stuff.
❊ Current members only.
inside the workroom = our facebook group just for actors in class to sign up for work, enlist scene partners, etc.
❊You must be on Facebook to join class!
$250 monthly = regular class fee
$235 = perk for paying 1 week ahead.
Other discounts =
❊ paying 3 months in advance
❊coaching while in class
❊work-study options.
Read The Fine Print, for more.
Workroom members get frequent access to discounted / free tickets to theatre + screenings & field trips to NT Live etc.
as available
WR actors share audition info & actively assist each other with audition prep & going on tape. Access to my studio as available.
📩casting & submissions
Lots of people come to me to find actors.
I also submit actors who I think are right for roles in a group, highlighting appropriate actors in the group. ❊at my discretion
For extra time with me. Actors in class come to my home studio & chat about art/career issues, what to work on next & how I can best help you achieve your goals. ❊once a month

workroom PERKS

Field trips to plays / screenings.
Events to enhance & grow skills & career
 as an Entrpre-Artist. Poetry salons & staged readings. Vino & Community.
various times & dates, mostly ongoing
Join the tribe on facebook, in

sag-aftra conservatory

On-Camera Technique &
Cold Readings / Audition Technique
 ⤕ ongoing
SAG-AFTRA actors, click here for more info about the Conservatory. A terrific program: for $35 a year you can take all kinds of classes, with all different teachers & sign up on a per-class basis. Located at AFI in Los Feliz, I teach frequently & list upcoming
dates at start of each semester.



I have worked with Jeanie Hackett for the past 20 years — as a coach, a director & acting partner. She is profoundly insightful, specific & emotionally articulate. My work is always deepened by her talents.
Breaking Bad / Sideways /
The Assembled Parties, B'way

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 1.42.55 PM.png

I am very much indebted to Jeanie for recognizing & fostering my talent. She always pushed me to the emotional truth of every
moment, & her passion & under-standing of that, very much shaped the kind of actress I wanted to be.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close / Homecoming / Gypsy / American Rep. Theater / South Coast Rep


Working with Jeanie is thrilling! Her unwavering devotion & passion for the craft & your growth within it, is invaluable. She has undoubtedly made an enormous difference in my work!

Dallas / Savages / Mayans MC / Shades of Blue / Devious Maids / Antaeus

In her teaching, Jeanie exhibits the qualities she tries to encourage in her students. She is highly present, emotionally alive, explosive, sensitive, & above all, open & available. When I work with her I am getting much more than an intelligent, technically masterful teacher. I am able to benefit from the experience of a graceful, nuanced actress & passionate person.
Splanglish / 24 / Grey's Anatomy / Jerry McGuire / Broadway, South Coast, Center Theatre Group, Geffen Playhouse, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 2.07.54 PM.png

Jeanie is an amazing actress, director & teacher — it's rare that you get all of these qualities in one person. She is constantly bringing actors to the next level through thoughtful & intuitive adjustments & notes. I am inspired to be a better actor in every class.
Parks & Recreation / American Repertory Theatre / Theatre of Note

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 2.22.22 PM.png

I attended the most amazing acting class last night. Jeanie Hackett, your knowledge & understanding of the craft of acting is like nothing I've ever seen! You are a miracle worker. I learned so much from you last night, & you do it with style & compassion & love! I can't wait to come back as a guest again!!
Casting Director: Cold Case / Ringer / Make it or Break it / Chase

I got more benefit from Jeanie Hackett in one class than a previous lifetime of studying! Jeanie taught me that how you do any one thing is how you do everything. She encouraged me to pursue specificity, bravery & boldness in my acting & my life. I am a greater artist & a better person for having her as a friend & teacher. I count the years I spent studying with Jeanie as the those in which I developed most.
South Coast Rep / La Mirada / Shakespeare Center LA


classes & coaching

private coaching header.png

work privately w/ jeanie

"I recommend Jeanie to actors because of her strong theater background & her own extensive experience in front of the camera. She is able to give them the best of both worlds: strong, interesting choices based on good script analysis & the experience to know how to make those choices work for the camera."
MATTHEW LESHER, Insight Entertainment


The super-competitive arena of the art & industry in NYC & LA means that the readiness really is all. Out of the gate: work that is fearless, original, true, fueled by the white-hot energy of your intelligence, sexuality, humor, need, danger, warmth, confidence, aggression, vulnerability & charisma. In other words, YOU manifesting every bit of your potential. Great work. That's what we're going for.


Getting Started:COACH w/JH

Ideally before I work with a new actor, I like to set up a (free) 20 minute consult — for both of us to learn more about each other, & how I can help you master your auditions & grow your craft. Often my first meeting with a new client comes in the context of an initial coaching session. If that's the case, we'll take extra time in your first session so that I can better understand your needs / process.


acting class header

workroom PRACTICE
acting class with Jeanie

The right acting class is about just the right mix of challenge & support. It's where we find just enough comfort to tolerate the creative discomfort inherent to artistic & self-growth. Where we connect with a community of people who share the same values & vocabulary. Where we immerse in trust: in the artist-teacher / in our fellow actors / in ourselves -- so as to reveal all of who we are via the work. Where we learn secrets about craft & about ourselves through others. Where we uncover our authentic self, embrace our contradictions, whet our appetite for greatness. 

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Getting Started:AUDIT CLASS

To explore becoming a Workroom Member & joining classes, the first step is to email a request for an audit, with your picture & resume. We'll get back to you within 48 hours to offer various dates / times. If you respond to the class & if your resume / training makes you a good candidate for the group, we'll set up a 1/2 hour private meeting at my home studio to talk about what you're looking for in a class & work on some material together. After our private meeting, if we're both eager to move you'll be invited to become a preliminary member of The Workroom for your first month — to make sure we all feel it's a great fit — for you, for me, for the class. At the end of the month, if all goes well, you'll become a Workroom "Member."


Here's everything you need to know about becoming a WORKROOM member. Time, place, class fees, etc. If you're joining us, please read carefully!

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