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#1 me, watching an actor work.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#2 Matisse's "workroom" The Red Studio, where there are no hands on the clock & most everything is unreal but the art.

#3 A letter from Tennessee Williams a few weeks after he cast me in his Vieux Carre at the theater bearing his name in Key West. He died about one week before we started rehearsals.
photo: my iphone

#4 The cast of La Ronde, performed by my students in Antaeus' A2 company, directed by Young Ji.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#5 The artist's studio from my production of Cousin Bette by Jeffery Hatcher, set design by Tom Buderwitz.
photo: Michele K. Short

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THE WORKROOM = my space for          
all things acting + creative process + theater art  
I AM = an actor, director, author, teacher, artistic director  
THE GOAL = to live in our full potential as artists  

       I do not seek, I find.   PICASSO                            
 find: start / finish / exhilaration / collaboration / expanse      
why / mastery / oh, just play around.                  






Process = Power 2.15.15

What if, what if … as kids, as adults, we got praise & recognition not for our intelligence or talent or achievements … but for our effort? What if there was a game that scored points not for wins but for progress? For developing ever more sophisticated strategies, building perseverance & improvement over time? What if the quality of our effort became our sole criteria for self-evaluation?

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Scene Study & Audition Technique
special industry guest every month

To audit / audition, use link above
Jeanie w/ CD Beth Holmes, 
January industry guest



by George Bernard Shaw
sat. / April 11 ~ 8pm
with PARTY to follow in the Carrie Hamilton

use code #WORKROOM for $20 tickets (mezzanine) /// code #JEANIE for $41 tickets (orchestra)


      Arthur Miller - A Life
by Jonathan Holloway & Mike Walker

professional comps!

thurs. / April 16 ~ 8pm
Each month on Weds. before 1st perf., LATW makes 30 free tickets available to actors enrolled in any studio. Call box office between 2 - 6 /// code #WORKROOM = free ticket.


   Anna Christie
by Eugene O'Neill
 @ The Odyssey Theatre

We were blown away. Join us next time!

Phyllis Schuringa, Jeanie, Zoe Perry, Mary Mara, Jane Kaczmarek, Nina Smilow, Sharon Lawrence



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The Art of Seeing / 8.25.14

   Mastery is in the reaching, not the arriving. It's in constantly wanting to close that gap between where you are & where you want to be. Mastery is about sacrificing for your craft & not for the sake of crafting your career.
TED TALK: Embracing The Near Win

The pursuit of mastery is the event of an artist’s lifetime. Teaching is an integral part of my own personal drive toward mastery: through engagement with the process of other actors I come to better understand my own. This is the privilege & the gift of the work I get to do. Its value to me is inestimable.

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The Process Journal ~ ongoing

I ask actors who study with me to commit to writing a Workroom post about being in acting class. The Process Journel focuses on craft, challenge, break-throughs, journey. When we have access to others' thoughts, feelings, instincts, insights, etc., we build comradery / as cheerlead & mentor / celebrate success & failure. It =s belonging to a creative collective ... The Workroom as a space we each create & own: a home-base + a laboratory to nurture flight.   

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Thoughts for the Journey, 2014

My still center & constant touchstone remains my ongoing work with actors — coaching one-on-one in my studio & the various classes I teach in The Workroom, at the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory & other places in LA; at Williamstown & other colleges & universities across the country. This is the daily practice that feeds everything else I do. 

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Processing Joy / 11.23.13

Joy. The topic du jour for me, in the few months since I got married. After living together for 9 years, I don’t think either of us expected it to feel this different. We married without a lot of hoopla, we live in the same house, with the same cat, & after a brief honeymoon, not that much changed. But to our surprise, ordinary life now seems to be unfolding on another plane entirely. 

I recognize this — aloft — feeling I’ve been waking up with every day. It’s the same elation that comes when I connect to the work in a meaningful way. (For me, stage acting delivers the ‘art-high’ in its most concentrated form, that’s the arm-drip.)

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Room for Everybody / 9.22.13

The Workroom is just about one year old! Since I launched, it seems like new resource sites for actors are cropping up everywhere. A dizzying array of teachers & coaches & casting director workshops, blogs, branding experts &  social media consultants -- dispensing good, sometimes great, & sometimes just plain bad advice at every turn. 

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