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#1 me, watching an actor work.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#2 Matisse's "workroom" The Red Studio, where there are no hands on the clock & most everything is unreal but the art.

#3 A letter from Tennessee Williams a few weeks after he cast me in his Vieux Carre at the theater bearing his name in Key West. He died about one week before we started rehearsals.
photo: my iphone

#4 The cast of La Ronde, performed by my students in Antaeus' A2 company, directed by Young Ji.
photo: Geoffrey Wade

#5 The artist's studio from my production of Cousin Bette by Jeffery Hatcher, set design by Tom Buderwitz.
photo: Michele K. Short

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THE WORKROOM = my space for          
all things acting + creative process + theater art  
I AM = an actor, director, author, teacher, artistic director  
THE GOAL = to live in our full potential as artists  

       I do not seek, I find.   PICASSO                            
 find: start / finish / exhilaration / collaboration / expanse      
why / mastery / oh, just play around.                  





this fall: New Afternoon Class!
Atwater Playhouse, Tuesday nights, 7 - 11, ongoing. 
& I launch class #2, afternoons, day/time TBA in Oct. Scene Study & Audition Technique / all genres + audition prep, featuring special industry guests.

For info / audition:  theworkroom@jeaniehacket.com
to learn more, read Inside The Workroom: Acting Class

Last year's Workroom guests = (left to right): Casting directors 
Billy DaMotaMarci LiroffMark Simon (CTG), Phyllis Schuringa (Geffen Playhouse), David Bridel (founder ~ The Clown School), Casting directors: Joanna ColbertAnna Lyse Erikson (L.A. Theare Works) & Dan Shaner. Guest moderators join ongoing class for Q & A's & to watch scene  work.



The Workroom Salon
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The Art of Seeing / 8.25.14

   Mastery is in the reaching, not the arriving. It's in constantly
wanting to close that gap between where you are & where you
want to be. Mastery is about sacrificing for your craft & not for
the sake of crafting your career.
TED talk: Embracing The Near Win


It’s hard to find the right words for what it means for me, as an acting teacher, to be entrusted with guiding artists whose work I really respond to, many of whom have already achieved a certain standing in the professional world. These actors desire to be in class not because the world has found them deficient in any way, but because they are driven toward mastery of their craft.

The pursuit of mastery is the event of an artist’s lifetime. Teaching is an integral part of my own personal drive toward mastery: through engagement with the process of other actors I come to better understand my own. This is the privilege & the gift of the work I get to do. Its value to me is inestimable.

The joy of being in flow, of uninterrupted focus, of processing an enormous amount of information while confidently & agilely attending to a series of intellectual, physical & emotional tasks is one of the joys of acting. It’s also one of the joys of teaching. In the hours before class, thinking about the night ahead, I can fall prey to the same doubts I’ve known as an actor: Am I any good? / Will I do well? / & the perennial old favorite: Who am I do to this? But as soon as the work starts, all that seems to vanish.

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The Process Journal ~ ongoing

I ask actors who study with me to commit at some point or another to writing a Workroom post about their journey in class. i.e. what they struggle with, what they're aiming for & who they're becoming via the work. The Process Journel focuses on craft. (I've got another ongoing format, called The Art-Biz Diaries, for career-focus ideas.) I think it's important for actors to try to articulate some of the intangibles about what we do -- & have access to others' thoughts, feelings, instincts, insights, etc. We build comradery, we act as cheerleaders & mentors for each other, as we celebrate our successes & even our failures. It's all part of belonging to a creative collective. Ideally, The Workroom exists as a space we each create & own: a home-base & a laboratory to nurture spirit, craft & talent.                      
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Thoughts for the Journey, 2014

My still center & constant touchstone remains my ongoing work with actors — coaching one-on-one in my studio & the various classes I teach in The Workroom, at the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory & other places in LA; at Williamstown & other colleges & universities across the country. This is the daily practice that feeds everything else I do. 

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Processing Joy / 11.23.13

Joy. The topic du jour for me, in the few months since I got married. After living together for 9 years, I don’t think either of us expected it to feel this different. We married without a lot of hoopla, we live in the same house, with the same cat, & after a brief honeymoon, not that much changed. But to our surprise, ordinary life now seems to be unfolding on another plane entirely. 

I recognize this — aloft — feeling I’ve been waking up with every day. It’s the same elation that comes when I connect to the work in a meaningful way. (For me, stage acting delivers the ‘art-high’ in its most concentrated form, that’s the arm-drip.)

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Room for Everybody / 9.22.13

The Workroom is just about one year old! Since I launched, it seems like new resource sites for actors are cropping up everywhere. A dizzying array of teachers & coaches & casting director workshops, blogs, branding experts &  social media consultants -- dispensing good, sometimes great, & sometimes just plain bad advice at every turn. 

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the business of YOU /  7.5.13

For the last six months, actors in my group called "The Art of the Biz" met once a week to play around with creating & articulating their own uniquely personal art-business. Actors, I call this the business of YOU. We've experimented with biz names, titles, tags, quotes, vision/ mission statements & values & goals.

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